Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Party planning has always been my thing. I love to plan parties and I think I'm pretty darn good at it. Despite my natural talent to whimsically create I like to find inspiration to help plan my parties. Pinterest couldn't be more of a godsend in this area. I used to search Google for ideas then copy/paste my finds into my e-mail, before that it was magazine clippings and glue on poster boards (ah the good old days). Today I find creative sparks via Pinterest and throw them into a Word document as a flow board.

Pinterest ideas:

Clips converted to inspiration/flow boards:

These magazine-esque pages help me get detailed about my ideas yet make it possible for quick lists of what I will need for the party. 

My first Pinterest birthday find this year was inspired by this balloon wall. I wanted to create a wall made entirely of balloons in the middle of my friend's apartment (the location that we were having the Katy Perry themed photo shoot). But then I remembered that the room was carpeted so I dug a little deeper and found this idea; hanging balloons from the ceiling using a marble to weigh the balloon down. And so on Friday Sean, Ryan and I started the process of blowing up 144 marble filled balloons. We got about half way through before calling it a night.

Brandyn and Brad finished blowing up the balloons Saturday morning. Unfortunately with all the other birthday activities, the boys did not have enough time to hang the balloons from the ceiling (so curious to try that!). Instead they managed to tape every balloon to the wall. Of course, half way through the photo shoot we tore them down for ground photos anyhow (so I guess it worked out in our favor).

Have you ever made a balloon wall? 

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