Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Sickness

Weekend Work - The Beginning - 02/11/12

After a long work week and tons of school/studying I apparently reached insanity and said yes when Kris asked if I could work for her accounting company last Saturday. In my defense working for Kris on a Saturday is pretty much the best way to work; muffins, mimosas, lunch - all provided. 

She had me work on a fraud case and it was awesome. Why yes I am sort of geeky, thank you. I felt like a detective reviewing all the paperwork looking for inconsistencies and possible ways that money was stolen. Anyway after 11 hours of work we decided a drink was in order and took a walk across the street. A martini bar across the street?  Convenient! My friend met up with us and after Kris and Dave left we hung out for another round. Unfortunately I believe this was my downfall aka the point of exposure.

Sunday - Sickness - 02/12/12

I woke up Sunday morning feeling awful and thought two martinis wouldn't cause this. I decided sleep would help and rolled back over only to wake hours later in more pain, with an intense fever, extremely sore throat and all over body aches. I felt like my body was literally on fire internally yet in yoga pants, sweat pants, fuzzy sock, a long sleeve shirt, hoodie, and under two fleece blankets I was still freezing. I slept until about 7:00 at night before I was just awake and miserable. Which justified a LOTR marathon and puppy cuddles. 

My adorable little Velociraptor:

Monday - Madness - 02/13/12

Being a sick adult is so much worse than a sick kid. Our responsibilities aren't as forgiving (except my boss, who is amazing when it comes to sick time off), it takes it's toll on income when you're an hourly based employee like myself, our "kids" still need us - whether your a puppy mom or regular mom you've still got to feed, clean, take care of them, etc. And so midway through the day I forced myself to throw on jeans and head to the library for the paperwork I needed for school. I tried not to touch anything or get close to anyone. The librarians who helped me had to read my lips because I was barely audible and refused to stand close to them. But they successfully found 13 books for research on my term paper. However by the time I got home all I could do was shower and cuddle puppies before sleeping.

Tron sits on his butt like a human then falls asleep like this:

Tuesday - Test - 02/14/12

 I had to go into work to pay payroll taxes and brave school to take a test in math I couldn't miss. As miserable as I was previously, this was probably my least favorite day of this week. After work I headed to the school library hoping to try to study for a bit before my classes, bad idea. Wrapped in a fleece throw, hunched in a study cube I kept falling in and out of painful sleep. My neck felt like it was going to break, if I turned my head the slightest an unbelievable pounding would resonate and balance would be impaired. I was nauseous and no matter how much water I consumed felt completely dehydrated. Every muscle in my body ached and my fever was high. Ultimately that math test did not go as well as I hoped.

Wednesday - Wishful Thinking - 02/15/12

Waking up was disgusting, my body had fought my fever all night and I sweat through my sweats, shirt and two layers of blankets. Everything about being sick is repulsive. My boss had agreed on letting me come in late so that I could get some extra sleep, which I did and then promptly washed all the sick things before heading to work. The extra hours of sleep made a world of difference I was audible. For the first time this week I had a voice! The fever seemed to lift and the body aches were occasional. The headache and neck pain however were persistent. I was starting to feel normal again. I started to think I might journey to the library to work on homework after work. Alas, when work concluded it was clear my body was not ready for anything more. Home, sleep and puppy cuddling - remedies for wellness.

How could I not get better with these adorable babies waiting for me everyday?

Thursday - Thin Mints - 02/16/12

One of the only perks of being sick is that when you feel like you can eat, you get a free pass to eat whatever you want. (Puppy cuddles and people helping you out are the only other perks I can think of, unless you're Ferris Bueller and totally faking it.) So this morning when I woke up at 1:30am starving and I saw the box of Thin Mints that the Girl Scout's delivered earlier this week I ate a few more than I should have. And what do you know they are magical. I woke up feeling better than I have all week, almost normal. My throat is still sore and I now have a sporadic cough (new) plus the neck pain is still intact. But I'm counting this day as a win so far.

Hopefully I'm on the mend because this weekend is my 25th birthday. Milestone birthday! To say I like to celebrate birthdays would be a vast understatement. I'll be trying to catch up on some posts from the last week before the weekend. 

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