Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Adventures

Friday Afternoon:

Somehow every few months Brittany and I find ourselves sitting in  Beaches Restaurant and Bar  with their B52 cake in front of us spoons poised ready for us to take our first bite without knowing exactly how we got there... it's true, I swear. ;)

These also magically appeared at the table, someone must have known I needed them...

Afterward we sat on the waterfront and watched the most gorgeous sunset I've seen in a long time.

Saturday afternoon:

4:00, how did the day get so late? I arrived at Essentials Spa ~ Salon to see Anna my stylist and good friend, I was overdue for a trim and decided that after a year my boycott of coloring would end. While waiting I people watched and once again laughed at this sign:


It's been a month since I've seen Mrs. Kristin, the last time was at her NYE party. She and her husband have been incredibly busy with her accounting company because they just expanded to a store front! Kris is the hardest working woman I know, I'm really proud of her company's growth! I visited their new location and helped her and Dave arrange and assemble furniture and equipment. Sadie (their adorable daughter) was helping dad put together furniture, she's quite the little handy lady.

love the couch and the vintage book table Kristin found:

After a few hours of setting things up we headed to Thai for lunch. Sadie decided no forks were needed that day, so messy yet ridiculously cute:

Afterward I headed to campus for more studying but couldn't resist taking a few photos, this was my favorite:

The weekend ended with a DIY project I'll be sharing later this week, here's a sneak peek:

I hope everyone had a lucky weekend!

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