Monday, January 30, 2012

Late Night Study Sessions

After 11 hours of work I went to Trader Joe's for some ingredients and headed to Britt's house to make GF homemade pizza and hit the books. 

Tonight's study session saver? Coconut Chai tea. 
(Loved the vintage Coke mug.)

Finite mathematics; completely useless.

Of course, I had to. This is her roommate's adorable pup:

Happy Monday

What a whirlwind of a weekend. A lot of potential changes coming up for me! This weekend could pretty much be summed up in one word: chocolate. 

Friday night I picked up my friend Allan from the airport, he just moved from New York to Oregon for work. We met last summer when he co-habitat-ed with Alex at the condo. He was doing an internship at Intel for the summer and was offered a full time position. It's his dream job (so exciting to see a friend achieve a goal they've been working so hard to get to!). For picking him up from the airport and letting him crash on the couch he brought me Max Brenner chocolates. If you don't know about Max Brenner and you love chocolate, I suggest you get acquainted. Apparently his restaurants are entirely chocolate based, NY here I come.

"Chocolate is passionate sexy and prestigious, and I always start my mornings by eating a tablet of milk chocolate with nuts." -Max Brenner 

New. Personal. Hero.

The box comes with a booklet where each chocolate's pattern corresponds to a picture and you can find out the flavor. The chocolate row 1, column 3 is a hazelnut cream with coasted coconut. Unbelievable. 

Saturday: Allan was patient with me while I did chores/ran errands all morning and into the early afternoon> Then I could drove him to Beaverton and we got sushi for lunch. 

Cream cheese and asparagus rolls; I can't get enough...

Sunday: I spent two hours in the am at the gym with Ryan. He always inspires me to do more at the gym but sometimes we catch up too much. After more chores and homework Alex and I headed to Moonstruck Cafe.  (Which is kind of a big deal considering Alex never eats sweets, his suggestion made me a very happy lady.) Moonstruck is a chocolate confection store based in Portland. They have a total of 5 stores in Oregon and their chocolates are mini works of art. 

Their peanut butter cream cone (row 1, column 3, coincidence?) is to die for. Honestly we went back and got a few more cones.

We also tried their 68% fortunato no. 4 dark chocolate drinking chocolate. To be honest it wasn't my favorite. The Columbian hot chocolate created by Paul at The Confectional will probably always be my favorite.

We had to order this little guy being the ambitious dog lovers/owners that we are. And then Alex bit it's head off.... disturbing. :/

A few photos of the pups while we were driving around, just because they're adorable.

PS --> from Friday, I forgot to actually post it (I blame stress):

What a week! Whew... so glad it's over. Between work and school I need a day to unwind. 

I'd give anything to be here:

The things that made me happy this week:

I want to get this book. I'm curious to see if the author has medical backing for her thesis.

I want to get lost in this library.

My brother took a ride in a hot air balloon a few weeks ago, and just posted pictures, I'm jealous.

This is why you don't leave your teething pups unsupervised in the car for more than a minute.

Have a lucky weekend everyone!

Photo credit:

Friday, January 27, 2012


Today was my three year work anniversary. Where does the time go? Just in case you were wondering, I work at a steel fabrication company. I am "first and foremost my boss's assistant" as my boss (THE boss) likes to tell everyone. And also the office manager, the insurance handler, the book keeper, the payroll lady, AR/AP guru. Pretty much anything you can think of, I do it. The company is taking a new direction soon and my co-worker is leaving (his last day is tomorrow...). So in honor of my anniversary and his contribution to the office the boss took us out to Thai. Which is saying something because my boss hates Thai. It's a personal favorite of mine though. We laughed and told stories and I ate more white rice than I should have and it was fantastic.

Soup. perfect for a cold winter day.

Cashew Chicken. Sooo good.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I am at peace. I am centered. I am balanced. I am flexible. 
I am healthy. I am happy. I am present.

Daily mantras.

One of the things that I have been quietly observing is the amazing ability that humans have to go forward. And by that I mean we are always looking at the future, to the next event, to the next big moment in our lives. I keep thinking about the present. I want to enjoy the present; the everyday things, big and small. So many people push to achieve those monumental goals and when they do they wonder "what now?" Goals are fantastic to have, they give us drive and  develop our determination. But if we're only looking to the future, we miss out on amazing experiences in the present.

An a different but related note of peace. I found this on Pinterest and found it very inspiring and applicable.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending Chocolatefest at the Oregon Convention Center. Basically it's heaven; a bunch of vendors providing samples of chocolate, does it get any better? 

Kate and I fell in love with cocotutti. Based in California this artisan chocolatier won us over with their outstanding flavor combinations and beautiful designs. Their Fig with Roasted Walnuts confection stole my heart and made my inner chocolate loving kid do cartwheels. Closely followed in favoritism by the Raspberry with Housemade Jam. Kate's fling with their Florentine confection was short lived as their Jasmine confection turned into full blown affair. Basically what I'm trying to say is these are well worth the cost. Fair warning: you will be addicted.

Also, a perk for my fellow Portland/Vancouver ladies these gems are available at three PastaWorks locations in Portland.

Our runner-up for unique taste was Theo. Kate had brought their Coconut Curry Fantasy Bar to girl's night the week before so we were very pleased to see their stand at the convention. Not only is their chocolate amazing but their story is inspirational. They are the first and only fair-trade organic chocolate factory in the United States. Their factory offers tours in Seattle. I know what I'm doing on my next trip up! 

And we loved the salted caramel by George Paul Chocolates.

After a chocolate overload I headed to celebrate Brittany's birthday. We met a large group at McMinemans before heading downtown for a night of dancing. Two cute photos of the birthday girl and I.

Outfit for the night: (I snapped this on accident before I smiled but it was the best view of the full outfit. I will master self portraits someday!)

Career jacket, sequin top and gray skinny jeans: Forever 21. 
Shoes: Nine West.

Happy Birthday Brittany!

Happy Birthday to my dearest friend Brittany. You are such an amazing woman. Strong, independent, goal achiever, charismatic, outgoing, friendly, I could go on but you get it. I admire you doll. Congratulations on the official nurse paperwork. You worked so hard to get where you are now, I am immensely proud of you! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Have a Lucky Weekend

I am very much looking forward to this weekend. I have a lot of homework to do but I also get a break from work and actually being in class. Besides conquering my homework, I'll be celebrating Miss Brittany's birthday/graduation from nursing school Saturday evening and reading a few books I picked up last week.

A few things that brought me joy this week:

My English professor had us critically review music videos and try to explain what they really meant. Which led me to a music video marathon when I got home that evening. Jessie J's video for Nobody's Perfect is exceptionally unique. But instead of analyzing (I blame exhaustion) I kept thinking about how I could rock the black and blonde hair combo on a night out. :)

I purchased Jessie J's Who You Are album. Love her voice.

I was inspired by this photo on Pinterest for hair and makeup for Coachella 2012. I am so excited I'm planning outfits a quarter of a year early... 

I am tempted to rock these glitter lips when going out this weekend but I am a bit nervous because haven't ever tried this makeup technique before.

I found some stairs I really want to climb.

Apple art. It wouldn't surprise me in Apple edged into this market too.

And this morning the main photo on Harper's Happening's post. I literally laughed aloud.

Photo from Oregon Scenics.

Bipolar Weather - Outfit Post

Tuesday night it snowed and stuck; snowball fights and sledding down the streets ensued (at 10:00 pm naturally). Wednesday morning driving to work was like driving through a slushy machine. Wednesday evening the snow was gone and it was warm enough to go without a jacket.Thursday it rained heavily all day. In the Northwest this type of weather pattern is very "normal". I like to think of the Northwest at mother nature's alternate personalities. The constant changes in weather make layering a staple in fashion. So if you're thinking about visiting Portland/the NW anytime from September to June you want to bring layers. 

Scarf: Express. Deep V-neck sweater, racer back tank and gray jeans: Forever 21. Mix your jewelry; I was wearing 4 bracelets from 3 different sets. Boots: Target. And of course no winter outfit is complete without fuzzy socks. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Slap Watch

Tuesday night I found a package in my mail. Nerd moment: I love getting mail. Nothing makes me grin like a Cheshire cat more than a handwritten card, postcard, or package in the mailbox. OK moment over. So this package... Remember my last trip to Seattle? When I surprised my friend Ryan for his birthday? Anyway, that night during one of the many obscure conversations slap watches were brought up and we reminisced about slap bracelets from our childhood years...

Fast forward a week and insert Groupon. I woke up to an e-mail about Portland's daily deal: 2 slap watches for $10. Of course, I immediately snaped a photo of the deal and text my favorite Seattlites. Naturally a group message started about the necessity of purchasing the deal. Which we all did. And let me tell you, it's cuter than I thought it would be.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


In Vancouver we don't really get real snow. Every year we get some imitation of snow I like to call sice (snow-ice). Last night we got the real deal; big fluffy flakes, watery powder on the ground that you can easily turn into a snow ball, snow. 

The first thing I saw after walking out of the gym.

Winter wonderland.

Enjoying the snow.

Observing the snow buildup.

My parent's home.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snowboarding at Mt. Hood

Alex and I met his friend JB for snowboarding at Mt. Hood. Alex was great about keeping with me/waiting for me all day and patiently teaching. It was my second time snowboarding and I still have trouble going toe-side. The weather could not have been better in the morning but a nasty storm came in, in the afternoon.

The difference in the drive to and from the mountain:

Alex and I forgot earplugs. When I was grabbing our lift tickets he bought these and surprised me with them:

Views from the lifts:

The crew:

JB: (he gave us free lift tickets for the day, thanks bud!)

Friday, January 13, 2012


Dear Coachella,

I am not pleased with the 2+ hours I waited literally on the edge of my chair, nervous and anxious for tickets to your festival. I was denied first weekend attendance but scored second weekend tickets at the referral of another Coachella-bound Facebooker "change browsers Firefox, you'll get tickets within  minutes." Sure enough, it worked. Thanks for the tip mysterious stranger. Coachella, please figure out your ticket sale issue. But most importantly: Coachella 2012 here I come!

Love Peace and Harmony,


Photo Credit: Coachella's FB page.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Audrey Brooke Flats

I am in love (lust) with my new Audrey Brooke Paris flats.

So much so that I bought them in black too. Audrey Brooke you are a girl after my heart when it comes to flats. I totally bought a third pair of her brand the same day.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Watch Your Time

I have been obsessed with watches lately but I don't own a single one! All of December and now into January I have been screen (web) and window shopping. I really like over sized watches. Here are a few of my favorites:

I have wanted a large face white watch for at least a year and I finally found the perfect one while shopping for Christmas presents last month. DNKY combines white ceramic and rose gold on the band and face of this beautiful watch.

Wooden timepieces from WeWOOD are unique accessories are made mostly from scrap wood and are "splash-proof". The best part? They work with American Forests and plant a tree for every watch purchased.
How insanely cool is that?

Citizen's Eco-Drive watch it's a men's watch but I like the over-sized look. Solar powered, stainless steel, scratch resistant dial, water resistant to 30 meters. And it is the thinnest watch I have ever seen.

Betsey Johnson's "Bling Bling" Time Watch looks like my Ivy! It's kind of a silly watch but it would be an adorable reminder throughout the day of my sweet girl. She also has a Boston Terrier watch.

I really love Meggie's Love's shop on Etsy. Her wrapped suede bands and interchangeable watch faces are fantastic. I especially love this turquoise face with the word detail. And each is only $20 a piece!

Movado's bold line of watches is very chic with it's contemporary designs. Wouldn't these be perfect his and hers watches for a bride and groom?

Badgley Mischka's crystal and mother of pearl watch is so feminine. I adore the buckle detail. The band is also available in gold, pearl, silver and black/gold.

p.s. Wouldn't this be a cute DIY project? 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


One of the routes I take to get to work is about an hour drive. This drive is one of my favorite morning drives if there's low traffic, as it takes me through these gorgeous hills  with towering trees, through two tunnels and over two bridges. Every time I make the drive I want to capture some photos of the things I see and I recently had that opportunity. I chose the darker contract because that's what spoke to me today. Maybe someday I'll showcase a brighter version of this drive.

In the past couple of months I took up the challenge to drive without the radio. I love having that extra time to really think. What are your driving habits? Have you tried driving in silence? Did you like it?