Friday, January 27, 2012


Today was my three year work anniversary. Where does the time go? Just in case you were wondering, I work at a steel fabrication company. I am "first and foremost my boss's assistant" as my boss (THE boss) likes to tell everyone. And also the office manager, the insurance handler, the book keeper, the payroll lady, AR/AP guru. Pretty much anything you can think of, I do it. The company is taking a new direction soon and my co-worker is leaving (his last day is tomorrow...). So in honor of my anniversary and his contribution to the office the boss took us out to Thai. Which is saying something because my boss hates Thai. It's a personal favorite of mine though. We laughed and told stories and I ate more white rice than I should have and it was fantastic.

Soup. perfect for a cold winter day.

Cashew Chicken. Sooo good.  

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