Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Babysitting Ariana

Alex's brother and sister-in-law have a beautiful baby girl; Ariana. Last night he and I had the privilege of watching her for the evening. For Christmas I had given them a gift card to The Cheesecake Factory and a promise for a baby-free date night. As first time/new parents they seemed pretty excited, even though Heidi admitted she probably packed too much. And then text us within twenty minutes to see how she was doing. I love the first time mom nervousness. :)

 Ariana was such a lovely baby to watch. She was fascinated by the pups. They were not too happy that she was there as they had to stay in their cage 90% of the evening. They really wanted to play with her. Ariana especially loved Ivy, she would laugh every time Alex brought Ivy over and  Ivy would lick his face. This was Alex's first time ever watching a child. Growing up in a large family and being the oldest I have grown up raising kids. So to see his reactions and be able to teach him the bare basics was pretty rad.

Alex showing Ariana how to play games on his phone.

First time ever feeding a baby. "How do you know when she's done?" Melted my heart.

Megatron sneaking on top of the couch to meet the little person.

Ivy was a little too excited. We didn't let her near the baby unsupervised but she watched Ariana's every move.

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