Friday, January 20, 2012

Bipolar Weather - Outfit Post

Tuesday night it snowed and stuck; snowball fights and sledding down the streets ensued (at 10:00 pm naturally). Wednesday morning driving to work was like driving through a slushy machine. Wednesday evening the snow was gone and it was warm enough to go without a jacket.Thursday it rained heavily all day. In the Northwest this type of weather pattern is very "normal". I like to think of the Northwest at mother nature's alternate personalities. The constant changes in weather make layering a staple in fashion. So if you're thinking about visiting Portland/the NW anytime from September to June you want to bring layers. 

Scarf: Express. Deep V-neck sweater, racer back tank and gray jeans: Forever 21. Mix your jewelry; I was wearing 4 bracelets from 3 different sets. Boots: Target. And of course no winter outfit is complete without fuzzy socks. 

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