Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Things

For my birthday I bought myself presents. I do it every year. It's sort of one of my things. I feel like I spend a lot of money on other people and making things happen for them so once a year I try to buy items that I want but normally wouldn't purchase.

This year I went big. My first present to myself was a big one. I bought tickets to Coachella. 

Remember my little sneak peak I gave you at the beginning of February? Well these were the beauties I bought for my Katy Perry photo shoot. Bebe Omega Glitter Wedges, they have the most spectacular shine and their color, the color! I couldn't resist this purchase, unfortunately their design was poor for walking in so they ended up being just for the photo shoot. 

And then I bought these treats at Ulta:
1. My splurge was the LIPPY gloss, normally I would never purchase $17 lip gloss but that's what a birthday does to me. I've been wanting the perfect bright pink lip color for ages and LIPPY nailed it. The color, the texture, the shine... magical. Seriously.
2. Katy Perry's new perfume Meow! The scent attracted me from 3 isles away! An employee had just sprayed a tester, when I found out it was Katy's new fragrance, I knew it was fate. 
3&4. I've been wanting purple polish for ages and as I had an Ulta certificate for a free polish... I couldn't help but pick up the blue polish as well. Hello spring! 

Rocking the new lip gloss today, I paired it with Revlon's 720 Fire & Ice. 
I am in love.

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