Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Day Trip - Part I

Yesterday my siblings and I decided to go on a last minute trip to Seattle.

En route:

Once we got to Seattle we decided to make it a tourist day. We headed to Pike Place Market for lunch and overindulgent shopping. My siblings went to Michou for paninis and I headed to Piroshky-Piroshky for their potato-mushroom and onion prioshky. If you've never had a piroshky, you need one. They are heaven folded into a pastry. Seriously. The pastries even look like artistic halos, ok maybe that's a stretch...

After lunch we picked up snacks because when you come to Pike Place you can't leave without visiting/purchasing from their food shops. These are some of my favorite places: 

Chukar Cherries I admittedly have an affair with chocolate, especially dark chocolate. And this stand sells chocolate covered cherries. They are magical, like change your life magical. Having a bad day? Eat some of these bad boys and you'll be back to your chipper self in no time. 

The Confectional Speaking of halos and chocolate... They serve hot chocolate that is literally melted chocolate, not powder added to liquid. Not to mention their cheesecakes.... 

Beecher's Handmade Cheese They serve award winning grown up mac-n-cheese, enough said. OK so maybe I also have to brag about their Flagship Cheddar. This cheddar is currently one of my favorites. Made with cow's milk it has a nutty flavor and you can serve it either sliced or crumble it onto salads. 

Market Spice When I cook I spice almost everything. This market has insanely fresh spices and the variety is prodigious. A must stop for the cook in the family. 

Pappardelle's Pasta I love carbs, I blame my mother. If you're tired of regular pasta this is the place to shop. They sell the most usual but delicious variety of fpastas; from  toasted onion fettuccine to dark chocolate linguine. Yes, dark chocolate linguine. And they serve gluten-free pasta! (soon to come post)

Pike Place Fish Ok so I don't shop here, not being a fan of most seafood and all. But if you're a tourist it's a must stop. They throw fish around and sing songs and have been featured on ABC, NBC and other miscellaneous TV shows.

 Starbuck's Coffee For other Starbuck's enthusiasts this was the first Starbuck's to open up shop, in 1971 in case you were wondering. They don't serve a lot of specialty drinks but it's an interesting stop nonetheless. 

Also there is this one fruit and vegetable stand in the middle of the market that I go to every time and I can never remember the name. But honestly they are the best. 

A shot of their selection:

Outside the Market: 

I have a train to catch so the rest of the trip is to be continued...

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